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Christian Curriculum - Cornerstone is a Christian school and our curriculum reflects this. Our curriculum is based on the character of God as illustrated through the Bible, God’s word. Christian perspectives are encompassed in all curriculum areas and issues involving morality, justice, values and management of behaviour. Godly character development is emphasised and Scripture memorisation is a regular activity.

Family based approach - We provide a family based approach to learning, recognising and upholding the importance of the role of the family, and strongly encourage parental involvement. We expect that parents will support their children and be willing to help whenever possible with matters related to their education, such as attending school meetings and functions, assisting in the classroom, providing transport, assisting at sporting events and participating in fundraising activities.

The New Zealand Curriculum - Our curriculum incorporates the vision, values, key competencies, learning areas and principles inherent in The New Zealand Curriculum.

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NZ Curriculum


Sci fair water projects 2013For further detail - The links below outline in more detail the primary and secondary curriculum and the way that learning is structured on a daily and yearly basis.








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