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Core Secondary Educational Philosophy

Within our Cornerstone Christian School faith community, developing confident followers of Jesus Christ who are equipped and inspired to creatively impact our world is at the centre of all that we do. We believe it is our role as a secondary school to fan into flame the gifts of God that are within each young person (2 Timothy 1:6) in order to equip them with the skills and dispositions to outwork our vision. 

We are, therefore, future focused and seeking to develop a personalised pathway for each individual which will extend beyond their time at Cornerstone Christian School.

Our approach means that each young person will develop within three contexts of learning (Course lab, Life lab and Sky lab):

 Secondary philosophy figure 1

Cornerstone Keys

To become empowered to achieve this success, we have identified our Cornerstone keys. These keys help to unlock the potential of each learner, and provide a framework to embed what we believe to be important in preparing each young person for the "real" world:

  1. C Y11 cropped with another studenActive faith
  2. Self-management
  3. Effective communication
  4. Enterprise
  5. Practical skills
  6. Digital competency
  7. Problem-solving
  8. Effective teamwork
  9. Servant leadership
  10. Critical thinking

Biblical Integration

The Secondary school has an underpinning philosophy that the Bible is narrative in nature, seeking to view Scripture as an unfolding drama in which the school and each student has a unique role.

Each student is an 'actor in an unfinished drama'. If they can understand the question of what story they find themselves a part of, then this can help them to live out the Biblical story in the prevailing culture.

Each term the school focuses on books of the Bible and how those stories fit into the big narrative. The values and themes of the whole school will naturally flow from these stories.

Term 1:   Gospels

Term 2:   Old Testament
Term 3:   Letters
Term 4:   Psalms and Wisdom
In the Course Labs we use the following Biblical integration model:
Secondary philosophy figure 2How does the Life Lab work?

All students at each year level are part of a Life Lab of approximately 15 students. Years 9-10 meet twice a week (one 45-minute and one 90-minute session). Years 11-13 meet three times a week (two 45-minute sessions and one 90-minute session). The focus of each Life Lab is:

  • Discipleship: spiritual and character formation
  • Academic mentoring
  • Life direction

Role of the Life Lab Coach

Each Life Lab is led by a Life Lab Coach who oversees the holistic needs of the students. Each student works closely with a Life Lab Coach who will support them through discipleship and mentoring processes, to individually help them discover their life direction and improve their learning performance.

Y10 Science 6This Life Lab time includes structured learning programmes around the following strands:

  • Identity
  • Relationships
  • Biblical worldview
  • Self-management
  • Aspirations
  • Guidance
  • Gifts and Passions
  • Vocation and Service

To provide a high level of communication between home and school.

Subjects offered in 2019

We will offer the following subjects at Cornerstone:

  • Years 9-10 Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Business Studies, Digital Technology, Robotics.
  • Year 11 English, History, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Science, Applied Science, Music, Art, Digital technology, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, Dance, Drama, Physical Education, Sport Studies.
  • Year 12 English, History, Mathematics (Calculus, Statistics and General Mathematics, including NCEA Level 3), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music, Art (Painting, Photography), Digital Technology, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies, Dance Troupe, Drama, Physical Education, Sport Studies, STAR/Gateway.
  • Year 13 English, History, Mathematics (Calculus, Statistics and General Mathematics), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music, Art (Painting, Photography), Digital Technology, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies, Dance Troupe, Drama, Physical Education, Sport Studies, STAR/Gateway, Emmaus Internship.

We also offer the following subjects through external providers:

  • Food Technology (Wholegrain Organics)
  • Workshop Technology - Wood, Metal, Automotive (UCOL or Woodworkers Guild)
  • Fabrics Technology (Design School)
  • All other courses (Te Kura Correspondence School)

Download Senior Secondary Course Information Booklet 2019

Download Junior Secondary Course Information Booklet 2019 (to be uploaded)

NCEA Levels 1-3

We offer NCEA Levels 1-3. Some students will be offered University papers.

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