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Cornerstone Christian School is open to children whose parents desire a Christian education for their child providing that they accept the conditions of enrolment and fall within the special character criteria of the school. We welcome Christians of all denominations and provide a programme without particular denominational bias, which fully integrates Christian principles.

A maximum of 5% of students are allowed to be “non-preference” and the remainder must be preference. “Preference” is a Ministry of Education term which indicates that a student falls within the special character criteria which is the school’s reason for existing. To qualify as a preference enrolment, a parent of the child must be a regular attender of an established Christian church as attested to (in writing) by a senior church Pastor or leader.

Year 1 ReadingThe school is currently under a Ministry of Education imposed maximum roll cap of 520 students, but the Ministry of Education has agreed to increase this to 580 over the next few years.

The school is able to enrol approximately 50 new entrant (Year 0/1) students per year. Because spaces are limited we encourage parents who desire Christian education for their children to submit their enrolment documents well before their children's fifth birthday, i.e. as early as possible.

Due to movement of families in and out of the city, there is sometimes space for students to be enrolled at other year levels. This is managed carefully to ensure that the school does not exceed its maximum roll cap.

Parents may contact the Principal's P.A. to arrange a pre-enrolment visit to the school. This visit will give parents and prospective students an opportunity to see the school in action and to speak with classroom teachers or senior members of staff.

Year 3 maths girlsOnce an application form and the required documents have been received, a personal meeting between the parents/caregivers, prospective student and the Deputy Principal (Y1-8) or Assistant Principal (Y9-13) will be arranged. This interview will provide further opportunity for parents to ask questions and to discuss:

  • the education we provide
  • their connection with the school’s special character
  • the child/children’s previous learning and potential
  • the child/children’s interests and needs

Parents/caregivers will then be advised in writing of the date on which their child will be enrolled or, if there is not currently a space, that their child will be been placed on a waiting list pending a space becoming available. 

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