Charter & Annual Report

The Charter is a written agreement between the Board of Trustees of Cornerstone Christian School and the Ministry of Education. Its purpose is:

  • to provide a written record of the agreement between the Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees;
  • to provide a description of the families whose children attend Cornerstone Christian School and the basis on which the school will be run;
  • to define the aims, ideals, visions and values of Cornerstone Christian School;
  • to provide plans detailing how the above will be achieved; specifically the strategic plan (3-5 year plan) and the annual plan which details how the goals for the year will be accomplished.

Download the 2014-2019 charters:

At the end of each year, the Board reports against the annual plan. Download the 2014-2018 annual reports:

Download the 2017 annual financial statements:

  • 2018 annual financial statements (to be uploaded)

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