Cornerstone values11Our core values are Respect, Diligence, Integrity and Kindness. We have an underpinning value of Humility before God.

Our values poster depicts the tree spoken of in Psalm 1; it represents a person "whose leaf does not wither", who "brings forth fruit in its season" and who prospers "in whatever they do", because "their delight is in the law of the Lord".

These values are not just a few words on a sign which we forget about most of the time; rather, they encapsulate the beating heart of what we are all about as a school. They form a large portion of our thinking and teaching, particularly in devotions.

Early in 2016, staff spent two days defining the values and thinking about what they actually mean in different contexts, e.g. in the classroom, playground, while eating lunch etc. The definitions are shown on the poster below. Our teachers proactively teach and encourage our students to think about how they can develop these values in all of life.


Values definitions





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