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KK web ad 100x100mmWe hope this page provides a helpful source of useful information for all Cornerstone caregivers. These are littledetails that are important in day-to-day school life, but so often are hard to find out.

Useful articles to download:

Office hours: The office is open from 8.30am-3.30pm, Monday-Friday during the school term and a few days prior to the beginning of the school year.

Uniform shop hours: The uniform shop is open from 8.30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday during the school term and a few days prior to the beginning of the school year. Appointments are required prior to the start of the school year.

Parking: Please help to keep our students safe by following our traffic management procedures when entering, exiting or parking in either of our car parks. Download carpark guidelines

Feilding/Bunnythorpe bus: Cornerstone has a bus service running between the school and the Feilding (train station) bus stop each day. Learn more.

Stationery: Parents need to purchase stationery packs for their children before they start at school and before the first day of each year. Office Max on the corner of Princess and Dahlia Streets have made up stationery packs for children in each year level and these are competitively priced. Packs may be purchased from the retail outlet, by phone: 0800 724 440.

Payments: Details regarding invoicing and payment of Attendance Dues (paid to the Proprietor) and other costs, e.g. school uniforms or the cost of extra-curricular trips and camps (paid to the school) are outlined in the relevant sections of our Parent Information Handbook and on our website under school costs.

Download Parent Information Handbook

Arrival and departure: Punctuality in both arrival and departure is important to ensure the smooth running of the school. Because students will not be supervised before 8.30am, we ask parents not to send them to school prior to this time. Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the day unless supervised by their parent/caregiver. Students in Years 1-8 should be collected from school at 3pm, and students in Years 1-3 must be personally collected from the classroom by their parent/caregiver (or by another adult if the school has been informed of this in advance). Students in Years 9-13 should be collected at 3.10pm unless they are returning on the bus from Manawatu College, in which case they need to be collected at 4pm. Staff oversee the departure of students to endeavour to ensure their safety.

Absences: Children are legally required to be at school from the day they first enrol until they turn 16. If your child is sick or attending a medical appointment please inform the office by 8.45am on the day or beforehand if you can. Please state their full name, their class and the reason why they are not at school.. If you wish to take your child out of school for any other reason, e.g. family holiday, please send a letter to the Principal well beforehand explaining the circumstances. 

Illness and medication: Parents need to notify the teacher if their child has symptoms of an infectious or contagious disease and keep their child at home. Medication is only to be brought to school if this is essential; if this is the case a parent of the child needs to bring the medication to the school office and to fill in a register of medication form. Parents need to ensure that the school is notified of any health problems that their child suffers, e.g. hearing problems, asthma, allergies.

Public health and dental services:  A public health nurse visits the school regularly to conduct checks on children's hearing and vision. Our school dental service is managed by the Ross Intermediate dental clinic; you will be notified of appointment times so that you can attend these with your child. If your child has dental problems between appointments, please contact the clinic on ph. 358 4572.

School teams: For organisational purposes the school is divided into four teams. Children's assemblies, curriculum planning, moderation of assessment etc. occur both within each team and school-wide. Each team is led by a senior member of the staff. The teams are:

  • Aroha team (Years 0-2) led by team leader Mrs Katrina Bannister
  • Manahau team (Years 3-4) led by team leader Mrs Jane Sutherland
  • Tumanako team (Years 5-6) led by team leader Mr David Henderson
  • Whakapono team (Years 7-8) led by team leader Mrs Tarryn Rose
  • Secondary (Years 9-13) led by Deputy Principal Mr Graham Black

Assemblies: Parents are welcome to attend our school assemblies.Certificates are awarded at every assembly. They are held in the gymnasium at the following times:

    • Aroha team (Years 0-2) - Friday, 9.45am 
    • Manahau team (Years 3-4) - Friday, 9am 
    • Tumanako team (Years 5-6) - Monday, 9am 
    • Whakapono team (Years 7-8) - Tuesday, 8:55am 
    • Secondary (Years 9-13) - Monday, 8.50am 

Kingdom Kid and Cornerstone awards: These are awarded monthly at assemblies and recognise students who have exhibited Godly character traits and/or the values that the school espouses.

Home-school communication: Weekly school newsletters, regular website updates, class blogs, team newsletters, email correspondence with your child's teacher, open door policy, learning and achievement portfolios, parent-teacher interviews, written reports, parent information meetings, consultation meetings, the sports website and sports and school noticeboards are designed to keep you well informed about what is happening at school and in a position to partner with us in educating your child.

Mufti days: Mufti days are typically toward the end of each term. The dates will be announced in the school newsletter and on the website for a few weeks in advance. Students may dress in tidy mufti clothing in return for bringing a gold coin to school. The proceeds provide for the needs of our school World Vision sponsored child.

Wheels day: On Wednesday students may bring a scooter, skateboard, skates or rollerblades, etc. to school. They must wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads. On the other days these are not to be used at school, but may be parked in the scooter racks by students who use them to get to and from school.

N QuestExtra curricular: Extra curricular activities are offered from year to year depending on the availability of staff or suitably qualified volunteers to organise them. In 2018, we intend to offer:

  • Cultural group
  • Secondary choir
  • Worship bands for students in Years 5-12.
  • Sports including hockey, netball, basketball, teeball and volleyball. Where students' needs are not catered for, e.g. we do not have enough students for a team in a particular sport, we organise for our students to play their chosen sport with another school's team.
  • Music lessons. Experienced music teachers offer tuition to students during the school day. The parents of students who choose to have tuition are invoiced termly by their teacher. Currently, students can learn guitar, bass, flute, recorder, vocal, drums or piano.

Year 5-8 responsibilities: From Year 5, students are encouraged to participate in a range of service and leadership roles, e.g. road patrol, duty teacher's assistant, student council, librarian, sports leaders and tribe leaders. At senior level, student led clubs linked with learning, e.g. journalism club and mechanics club, are operating. Service for learning initiatives are in the planning stage.

School and external awards: Students at different levels may work toward school and external awards such as:

  • Tumakano team bronze, silver and gold awards
  • Whakapono team bronze, silver and gold awards
  • Science badges
  • CREST (Creativity in Science and Technology) awards
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary bronze, silver and gold awards
  • Great Kiwi English, Science and Mathematics competitions (University of Canterbury)

Sporting events: Y5-13 Swimming Sports are held at Freyberg Community Pool in Term 1, Cross Country is held in Term 2, Y7-13 Athletic Sports are held at the Massey Athletic track in Term 1 and Year 1-6 Athletics Sports are held at school in Term 4. High performers compete regionally.

Tribes: Your child will be automatically assigned to one of our four tribes. The tribes are our house system for competitions and each has an assigned colour your child should wear on competition days: Issachar (yellow), Naphtali (blue), Asher (green) and Zebulun (red).

Camps: The following camps are offered to students:

  • Year 5-6 camp (every second year)
  • Year 7-8 camp and Y7-8 ski trip (alternate years)
  • Year 10 camp
  • Year 13 mission trip

Camps have a learning and outdoor education focus and are linked to the key competencies and learning areas of the curriculum. Parents will be advised of camp costs in advance and will be invoiced for these if they choose for their child to participate. Typically, Year 6 camp costs around $80, Year 7-8 ski trip costs around $180 and Year 7-8 camp costs around $250.

Library procedures: Classes visit the school library during class time with their teacher and may take out two books at a time.

Road patrol: Year 7-8 children together with a teacher control the crossing on Roberts Line each week day morning between 8.25am-8.40am and each week day afternoon between 3pm-3.15pm.

Car park rules: Drive in the entrance gate and drive out the exit gate. When dropping off or picking up children always park in a car park, not behind another car. Please, no double parking. If you are not in a car park you may not stop or pause. Please be kind to duty staff who may gently move you on if you are caught transgressing.

Supermarket parking: Parents can park in the supermarket car park and cross over the patrolled crossing to drop off and pick up children, but may not leave their vehicle there for longer than necessary. This has been negotiated with their management.

School transport assistance: Families of students in Years 1-8 who live further than 3.2km from the school and families of students in Years 9 or above who live further than 4.8km from the school may, under some circumstances, be eligible for the Ministry of Education's Transport Assistance allowance. If you think you may be eligible for an allowance please enquire at the school office.

Personal property: The school expects students to support and uphold the Special Character of the school. No chewing gum, firearms, identifiable gang paraphernalia or knives etc. are permitted. Personal property brought to school is the responsibility of the student and the school will not accept responsibility for any loss or breakages. We recommend that expensive items are not brought to school, e.g. cell phones.

Animals: Animals are not to be brought to the school unless the teacher gives specific permission.

Concerns procedure: If you have a concern we encourage you to raise this with us directly. The procedure to follow is outlined in our concerns brochure.

After school care: External after-school providers pick students up after school. For details of Kelvin Kids after school care, please see the advertisement at the top right of this page.


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