Staff directory

Our staff are a committed group of Christian professionals. Staff can be emailed at: [firstname] or [firstname].[lastname]

Senior leadership

Peter Ferrar - Principal

Chris Mitchell - Deputy Principal (Y1-6)

James Rose - Deputy Principal (Y7-13)

Secondary leadership - Y7-13

Natasha Casey - Teacher (English, Humanities), Director of Course Lab

Erika Snedden - Teacher (Art), Director of Life Lab

Hayden Hewitt - Teacher (Science, Biology), Head of Science

Tarryn Rose - Teacher (Y7/8), Whakapono Team Leader

Primary leadership - Y0-6

Katrina Bannister - Teacher (Y0-1), Aroha Team Leader, Director of Teaching and Learning

Jane Sutherland - Teacher (Y3), Manahau Team Leader

David Henderson - Teacher (Y6), Tumanako Team Leader

Teachers - Wellbeing and learning support

Delwyn Crowther - Guidance Counsellor

Carl McIntyre  - Teacher (Humanities, History), Secondary Learning Support, STAR/Gateway, Careers Advice

Clare Long - SENCO/Special Education Needs Co-ordinator

Mary Nelmes - Special Education Teacher

Teachers - Y7-13

Ian Groube - Teacher (Mathematics), Head of Mathematics 

Gareth Bell - Teacher (Digital Technology, Music), Head of Technologies

Louis Jayasuriya - Teacher (PE and Health), Head of PE and Health

Bronwyn Boddy - Teacher (Mathematics)

Paul Jorgensen - Teacher (Robotics)

Martin Alderdice - Teacher (Physics)

Michael Doody - Teacher (Music, Dance and Drama)

Louise Wucherpfenning - Teacher (Business Studies, Economics, Accounting)

Anna Fletcher - Teacher (Chemistry) 

Sarah Sisson - Teacher (Science)

Naomi Hall - Teacher (Food design technology)

Karina Anderson - Teacher (Mathematics)

Christina Havill - Teacher (Y7/8, ESOL)

Heslia Swanepoel - Specialist Teacher (Y7/8, Y11 English)

Nicolene Marx - Teacher (Humanities, Y7/8)

Teachers - Y0-8

Francelle Aiken - Teacher (Y1)

Kathleen Christensen - Teacher (Y1)

Karen Burrows - Teacher (Y1)

Catherine Forrest - Teacher (Y2), Across-School Teacher

Emily Gennills - Teacher (Y2)

Kylie Salter - Teacher (Y2)

Christine Little - Teacher (Y3)

Claire Thompson - Teacher (Y3)

Vicki Campbell - Teacher (Y4)

Gemma Stewart - Teacher (Y4)

Gareth Smith - Teacher (Y5)

Craig McDonald - Teacher (Y5), Head of Sport

Lynette Olson - Teacher (Y5)

Raeleen Simpson - Teacher (Y6)

Trish Gunning - Release Teacher

Julia Cameron -  Release Teacher 


Support staff - Learning support

Joy Soo - Science Technician

Katharine Bracey - Librarian

Anne-Marie Mitchell - Teacher Aide

Ruth Oemcke - Teacher Aide

Jessica Meyer - Teacher Aide

Josie McIvor - Teacher Aide

Debbie Palmer - Teacher Aide

Natalya Bissell - Teacher Aide

Jannell Eade - Sports Co-ordinator, Teacher Aide

Jayne Lawrence - Teacher Aide (Aroha Team)

Sue Twigge - Teacher Aide (Aroha Team)

Barbara Hembrow - Teacher Aide (Manahau Team)

Suseela Batchelor - Teacher Aide (Tumanako Team)

Johan Oelofse - Teacher Aide (Whakapono Team)

Helen Dobson - Teacher Aide (Secondary)

Maria McDonald - Teacher Aide (Secondary)


Support staff - Administration, property etc.

Jean Wilkins - Administration Officer

Ilona Shewell - Student Administration Officer

Angela Richards - Executive Officer (Finance/Property)

Sarndra Rauzi - Principal's P.A. (Enrolments)

Kevin Randall - Caretaker



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